Maiz Szalavitz is the author of the New York Times bestseller Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction.

Below are  current articles by, and interviews with, Maia Szalavitz.

Photo by Bettina Hansen of The Seattle Times

Photo by Bettina Hansen of The Seattle Times

Remembering Mark Kleiman, a Relentlessly Thoughtful Scholar of Drug Policy, The Intercept, 7/28/19

Media Frame: Fentanyl Panic Is Worsening the Overdose Crisis, with Zachary A. Siegel, The Appeal, 7/16/19

Facebook Is Censoring Posts That Could Save Opioid Users’ Lives, Vice, 7/2/19

Encore: Is Addiction a Learning Disorder with Maia Szalavitz, Beyond Addiction Show with Dr. Josh King, interview, 6/13/19

The Mysterious Consequences of Repeatedly Overdosing on Opioids, Vice, 6/5/19

After Leaving Thousands in Agony, the CDC Is Finally Clarifying Its Painkiller Restrictions, Vice, 4/25/19

Fentanyl Speedballs Are the Latest Disturbing Trend in America’s Opioid Crisis, Vice, 4/25/19

Big Pharma’s Millions Won’t Solve the Opioid Crisis, Tonic/Vice, 4/10/19

Compassion Not Contempt: Interview with Maia Szalavitz, interview with Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., Psychology Today, 3/18/19

How One Group Is Expanding Access to Overdose-Reversing Drugs Through the Mail, Tonic/Vice, 3/1/19

A Tale of Two Cities in the Grips of the Opioid Crisis, The Nation, 2/21/19

The Deadly Worst Case Scenario for America’s Xanax Obsession, Vice, 2/13/19

When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease, The New York Times, 2/9/19

What makes addiction a disease?, interview, WHYY, 1/11/19

The dos and don’ts of helping a drug-addicted person recover, Big Think, interview, 1/16/19

All the Things the New Anti-Weed Crusade Gets Horribly Wrong, Vice, 1/14/19

Addictive Drugs Should Not be Marketed, Period, Tonic/Vice, 1/18/19

We could cut the opioid death rate by 50% – but we’re not, Big Think, interview, 1/8/19

What’s worse than drug addiction? The cruelty of drug treatments, Big Think, interview, 12/16/18

An Influential Think Tank Suggested That Harm Reduction Doesn’t Work, Tonic/Vice, 12/13/18

Insurance Is Supposed to Cover Addiction Treatment, But It’s Still a Nightmare, Tonic/Vice, 12/10/18

Drug prevention advice for parents, Big Think, interview, 12/10/18

This Is How to Get Health Insurance to Cover Treatment for Opioid Addiction, Tonic/Vice, 11/6/18

Net Worth v Self Worth: Do We All Need Inequality Therapy?,, 11/2/18

Deep Systemic Change: My 10 Steps to Transform Addiction Treatment, Filter, 10/8/18

If a Woman Drinks, It’s Her Fault. If a Man Drinks, It’s an Excuse, Vice, 9/24/18

Let’s Not Overstretch Neuroplasticity, Medium, 9/21/18

Big Pharma’s Opioid Greed Was Even Worse Than We Thought, Vice, 9/13/18

Addiction Doesn’t Always Last a Lifetime, The New York Times, 8/31/18

Forcing Pain Patients Off Their Meds Won’t End the Opioid Crisis, Tonic/Vice, 8/21/18

These Drug Users Don’t Want Their Dealer Prosecuted if They OD, Vice, 8/20/18

What the Media Gets Wrong About Opioids, Columbia Journalism Review, 8/15/18

What Makes You Vulnerable to a Gambling Addiction?, Addiction Help, 8/8/18

Labeling People Video Game ‘Addicts’ Could Be a Massive Mistake, Vice, 7/23/18

There’s No Rational Way to Justify America’s Drug Laws, Tonic/Vice, 7/13/18

Drug Truth Network, interview, 7/12/18

Doctors Should Be Handing Out Addiction Meds On Demand, Tonic/Vice, 6/26/18

The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction, Tonic/Vice, 6/20/18

This Is Why Xanax Is Blowing Up in America, Vice, 6/12/18

The Feds Are Raiding the Offices of Doctors Who Prescribe Addiction Medication, Tonic/Vice, 6/6/18

Episode 82: The Unbroken Brain with Maia Szalavitz, Healing Paths, interview, 5/21/18

Walmart’s Dumb New Opioid Policy Could Cost Lives, Vice, 5/8/18

Just Because You Can’t Stop Taking Antidepressants Doesn’t Mean You’re Addicted, Vice, 4/25/18

What Happened When a Writer Who Idolized Drunk Authors Got Sober, Vice, 4/5/18

The White House Is Hosting a Tasteless Opioid Crisis Memorial, Vice, interview, 4/4/18

New Opioid Memorial Demeans People Who Died From Painkiller Overdoses, Vice/Tonic, 3/29/18

Why Trump’s Opioid Plan Will Harm More People Than It Will Save, Self, 3/28/18

Why it’s not ‘enabling’ to make drug use safer, The Washington Post, 3/13/18

What makes you vulnerable to a gambling addiction?, Big Think, video, 3/10/18

Understanding addiction: Why your brain gets hooked on gambling, Big Think, interview, 3/10/18

Why we’re psychologically hardwired to blame the victim, The Guardian, 2/27/18

Why These People Took Drug Combinations That Nearly Killed Them, Vice, 2/21/18

Rhode Island Cut Post-Prison Overdose Deaths in Half, Tonic/Vice, 2/14/18

Women Are Leading the Fight Against the War on Drugs, Vice, 2/5/18

What’s behind rich people pretending to be self-made?, The Guardian, 1/29/18

What Can I Do to Help People With Opioid Addiction?, interview, NHPR, 1/25/18

The Wrong Way to Treat Opioid Addiction, The New York Times, 1/17/18

Episode 119, HOME Podcast, interview, 1/16/18

Forced Rehab Isn’t the Solution, Tonic/Vice, 1/9/18

Going After Weed in the Middle of a Deadly Opioid Crisis Is Insane, Vice, 1/9/18

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